Three Signs a Business Could Benefit from a VoIP Phone System

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) isn’t a new concept within the business world, but more organizations than ever are switching to this communication technology than ever. Communication needs, like all IT-related aspects of a business, can vary significantly from one organization to another. While a VoIP system may not be ideal for every business, it proves incredibly valuable to those experiencing the following.

1. More Remote or Hybrid Work Arrangements

Many organizations (and industries) have moved over the past couple of years to a more remote office environment, allowing employees to work remotely from home or elsewhere. In some cases, workers are 100% remote. Other organizations allow for a hybrid arrangement where employees report part of the time to the “office” and are allowed to work remotely the rest of the time. In either case, it’s important those workers are set up for success no matter where they plug in.

VoIP systems are ideal for remote workers, as they almost always come with a downloadable app for smartphones that allows staff to make and receive calls from a business line despite their location. As long as that device has reliable access to the internet, no one on the other end of the line is any the wiser. While some predicted a dramatic shift back to in-person work after the COVID-19 situation settled, 83% of workers around the globe have voiced a preference for a hybrid work model over fully in-person work. It doesn’t seem like hybrid (or
fully remote) work is going anywhere soon. VoIP is here to support that.

2. Fluctuations in Organizational Size

One of the most attractive features of a VoIP system is the ease with which an organization can increase (or decrease) its communication capacity. With a traditional phone system, a new employee often means a new desktop phone and programming an extension or other settings manually. With a VoIP system, adding (or removing) users is quick and simple. With some providers, plans include a set amount of users. Others charge on a per-user term, meaning the company only needs to pay for active users each billing period. This is especially valuable for businesses that bring on seasonal or temporary employees regularly as they pay for what they need at the time and nothing more.

3. An Increased Need for Cutting Operating Costs

Along with easy scalability and the ability to work effectively in a remote environment, another top reason businesses opt for a VoIP phone system is simply to lower monthly operating expenses. While plan prices vary by provider, VoIP is more often the most cost-effective phone option for businesses and you pay per user each month – again making it easy to scale or pull back users as organization size fluctuates. Some providers even offer (very limited) VoIP services for free. Because VoIP users access the communication channel via an app on their smartphone or other mobile device, this means significant cost savings when it comes to equipment as well. With traditional phone equipment, businesses usually must purchase equipment as well as pay to maintain it over time in order for it to function long-term.

Considerations Before Choosing VoIP

Like any business decision, the choice between traditional phone systems and their VoIP counterparts requires weighing the pros and cons of each option as pertain to your specific
business and communication needs. One important consideration is the upload bandwidth required to accommodate communication needs within the organization. It’s important to
ensure the networks from which devices within a VoIP system connect have a strong enough bandwidth to support consistent, high-quality calls. Special features are another area of focus, especially when it comes to switching from traditional phones to VoIP. These features include voicemail, call forwarding, call screening, and even hold music or recordings. Before making a decision around communication systems, carefully consider all features the business requires in that system to ensure the chosen provider (either VoIP or otherwise) offers those.

VoIP Solutions from Kustura Technologies

The team at Kustura Technologies understands the need for streamlined, quality communications within an organization for that business to function effectively. When it comes to VoIP, our solutions come equipped with all of the telephone features needed within small and mid-sized businesses, including:
● Custom Phone Trees
● Personal Extensions
● Call Forwarding
● Secured Voicemail

These features come with no additional fees, making our VoIP systems cost-effective for most Florida businesses. In addition to saving ongoing operational costs, VoIP systems prove time
and time again to streamline communication within an organization and externally as well – providing flexibility for employees along the way. Streamlined communication often means
increased productivity and greater financial sustainability. VoIP systems from Kustura Technologies also come with what we call “All in One Service,” meaning we install AND maintain these systems, saving businesses time and frustration if any issues arise. This all fits with our goal of providing Peace of Mind for businesses in the area – allowing them to focus on achieving their business goals while we handle all things IT. To learn more about our VoIP options or other IT products and services, or if you are interested in discussing our comprehensive managed IT services, our team would love to chat. Contact us today to discuss your IT and communication needs!

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