Smart Keeper Link Lock



With the Smart Keeper Link Lock, the device you attach to a USB port stays there. Only your authorized personnel, equipped with a matched Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional, can detach the device and introduce another component to the port.

Key NOT included

Requires at least one Smart Keeper Port Lock Key Professional for removal.

Link Lock Hubs sold separately.

  • This product does not work with the Apple Lightning USB cable.
  • The Smart Keeper Link Lock prevents unauthorized removal of attached USB devices without a key.
  • Protects against threats due to insertion of smart phones or thumb drives, etc.
  • USB 3.0 compatible.
  • Enhanced security with a very thin keyhole 0.016.
  • Large number of individual key patterns.
  • The Smart Keeper Link Lock is ideal for secure environments where it is necessary to attach USB peripherals.
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