Are EDR, Antivirus, and Firewalls Enough to Protect Your Data?

Are EDR, Antivirus, and Firewalls Enough to Protect Your Data?  The answer is NO!!!!

Counting on software and/or hardware to protect your data has become highly inefficient and costly, and bad actors have proven able to violate them. Without implementing more innovative solutions, the question is not IF but rather WHEN a cyberattack will succeed.

For those professional practices and businesses that are responsible for the data of their clients, customers, and patients, as well as their own data, the following numbers provide a measure of the exposure in case of a breach. These numbers relate only to the FINES that a company is likely to incur in case of a data breach; they do not include actual loss and/or liability exposure.

Regulation Possible Fines
HIPAA $50 to $50,000 per record
GLBA Up to $100,000 per violation
GDPR Potentially tens of millions of dollars
PCI DSS $5,000 to $100,000 per month

In addition, the cost of the breach in terms of actual losses and liability exposure needs to be considered. An organization’s average cost of a data breach is between $4 and $9 million. Most organizations that experience a breach shut down soon thereafter.

Why are EDR, Antivirus, and Firewalls so susceptible to be violated? One reason is that human errors cause 95% of breaches, and humans have ALWAYS proven to BE ABLE TO “OVERCOME” these cybersecurity locks and fences.

The solution: Store data so that when and if there is a breach, sensitive data is totally useless to the intruder. Turn the tables and make the expense of stealing the data not worth it by making the “bounty” unusable.

Can you, and would you want to protect ALL data? Most probably not. Files that do not contain sensitive data don’t need to be protected. Some files might need to be protected, but for those team members and/or customers who need to access them, the protection should be completely transparent, with no delays or complications.

Therefore, it is important to know which are the “Crown Jewels,” what sensitive data to secure, and where it is located. 80% of breached organizations say customer’s personal information was compromised during the breach.

Even if the outcome is not as drastic as causing a business to shut down, 29% of the companies that experience a data breach lose revenue. 38% of those who indicated having lost revenue claimed that the loss of revenue was more than 20%.

Kustura Technologies has partnered with Actifile to bring to the market a solution that provides:

  • Data Risk Discovery and Quantification
    Detection of sensitive data and quantification of its risk in local currency based on PII type.
  • Data Risk Monitoring and Auditing
    Tracks and audits data risk in real-time by continually monitoring incoming and outgoing sensitive data flows from and to the organization’s perimeter.
  • Data Risk Remediation by Encryption
    A patented transparent encryption process that automatically secures sensitive data across all endpoints, cloud apps, 3rd party portals, and shadow IT.

For more information on this most innovative solution to protecting your data, please visit our website,, fill in the form, and a cybersecurity specialist will contact you with, of course, no obligation on your part or pick up the phone and call 904-855-8885 Ext. 100.

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