What Does A Managed IT Services Contract Include?

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Hardware & Networking Implementation and Maintenance


One of the most important reasons to invest in an ongoing managed IT services plan is to ensure that the business’ network infrastructure and devices are set up and maintained in a way that is safe, secure, and allows for efficiency in the workplace. Bringing in a team of IT experts initially when setting up a business network is ideal. However, those with enough industry experience can audit an existing network and its devices and quickly determine its strengths and weaknesses or vulnerabilities. From there, a plan is set in place to improve on the existing setup and keep it maintained over time. Most plans offer network repairs when issues arise as well.


Cybersecurity Support and Monitoring


Cyber attacks continue to increase in frequency and impact each year, with small to midsize businesses often falling victim to schemes such as phishing and ransomware. It’s bad enough when individuals are impacted by cyber-attacks. When businesses are hit, however, that impact is multiplied as the business itself remains vulnerable along with all of its employees, customers, vendors, and anyone else they interact with in any capacity. Most managed service providers offer consistent monitoring of your network and data. The need for cybersecurity doesn’t end with the traditional workday. Cyber attacks can occur at any time, so ongoing monitoring and immediate resolution of any vulnerabilities detected are extremely important. 


Standby Support for IT Issues


Even the best designed and maintained IT infrastructures encounter issues from time to time. From downed networks to hardware issues, IT problems (and sometimes, emergencies) come up. Securing a strong managed IT services provider generally means their team is at the ready when any issues do occur. No business owner wants operations to halt for any reason. Something like a downed network can completely stop productivity within the organization. Having a team of IT professionals knowledgeable about that specific network and its devices prevents or significantly reduces the impact of any IT issues. Quick identification and resolution is key to a smooth running IT infrastructure. For many issues, the difference of even a couple of hours can mean a huge difference in consequences like data loss or productivity halts. 


Managed IT Service Contracts from Kustura Technologies


Our team at Kustura Technologies has been offering managed IT services in the Jacksonville and Gainesville areas for over two decades. The success experienced during the past twenty years has been highly a result of our understanding that each business is different when it comes to its IT needs. Because of this, we customize the managed services plans we offer. This means you get every bit of support you require and aren’t paying for what you don’t need.


When it comes to monitoring and speed of addressing an IT issue, the Kustura team is unparalleled in terms of speed and skills. Rather than partnering with a national online IT support company, choosing local for your IT needs means support is waiting for you – around the clock. We quickly resolve minor issues or bigger problems such as poor network connectivity, so businesses can resume normal operations as soon as possible. There are many other benefits to opting for a local IT partner. Most importantly are the tailored solutions that often come with it. Larger companies take a more blanket-like approach to offering IT services, with solutions designed to serve everyone pretty well. Choosing a smaller partner means you are more likely to be able to curate – with the help of IT experts – a suite of IT services designed specifically for your business needs and how to best meet those. No single IT approach works perfectly for every business. But, tailoring those solutions to your needs is the best approach.


Essentially, operating smoothly and efficiently is one of the main goals of any business – along with high productivity and profitability. The IT you implement should help you succeed in this, not hurt your efforts. Kustura Technologies aims to take the stress out of IT with our fast and reliable hands-on support, giving business owners the peace of mind they need to focus on other business functions. Leave the IT (and the stress it can cause) to a team of trusted and experienced experts with a managed IT service contract – giving you peace of mind and smooth operation moving forward. Organizations in the Jacksonville and Gainesville areas have been trusting Kustura and our team of experts for decades. If you’re ready to streamline your IT infrastructure and operations and gain peace of mind, contact the Kustura team today!

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