Top 4 Benefits of VoIP over Traditional Phone Systems

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One of the biggest advantages of a VoIP system over traditional alternatives is the ease of scaling the business when it comes to communication. Adding lines to this type of system can be done in a matter of minutes, and can almost always be done in-house. When teams grow and individuals come on board, it’s important to establish communication channels quickly to avoid unnecessarily long onboarding. Because a VoIP system doesn’t rely on individual, analog phone lines – there is virtually no limit to how large the organization can grow.  


At the same time, if companies experience downsizing or lose personnel, removing extensions or individuals from the system is just as easy and quick as adding them. Being able to scale up or down quickly is a huge advantage for business owners, especially those with fluctuating workforces.




Purchasing individual phone lines gets expensive, especially when companies are growing. Along with being easily scalable, VoIP systems are a much more affordable option. Traditional phone systems are expensive to both install and maintain. Phone lines usually require a connection in each phone location. For companies with employees working remotely or in a hybrid format, not needing to pay for additional phone line installation and ongoing maintenance when a new team member comes on board is a huge financial benefit. Also, VoIP systems usually include most standard features at no additional fee, including call forwarding and personalized voicemail.


Besides the obvious cost benefits of not needing to pay for additional phone lines, VoIP systems also offer another financial benefit. Because these software systems and their features are easy to use, there is no time wasted getting users trained. Time is money, so eliminating that aspect of onboarding will add up in terms of savings over time.




Obviously, the quality of communication when using VoIP depends on having a strong internet connection. However, with that in place, audio quality on VoIP phone calls versus their traditional counterparts tends to be much better. There is less risk of external noise interference and lag time on calls, meaning conversations are much quicker and more efficient. This is important both in internal conversations and calls with current or potential clients. VoIP systems are also much less likely to experience disruptions resulting from harsh weather conditions. Downed phone lines don’t disrupt business, allowing for consistency in communication at all times.




A VoIP system isn’t just a way for employees to make phone calls. It is an overall communication system, allowing for quicker and more efficient lines of communication both internally and with external stakeholders. With a strong internet bandwidth, the number of extensions available to add to a VoIP is fairly limitless.  


In addition to being easily scalable and more affordable than traditional phone lines, VoIP systems allow for more mobile flexibility, meaning employees have the option of working from an office, at home, or even on the go, as VoIP systems integrate with individual mobile devices as well.


VoIP Systems from Kustura Technologies


Not all VoIP systems offer the high level of quality, functionality, and affordability business owners look for. But, the systems offered by Kustura Technologies do. Our systems make communication among employees and clients easier and more reliable. Features include:


  • Custom Phone Trees: Phone trees are automated information systems that interact with callers using a combination of fixed-voice menus. Kustura systems allow businesses to customize phone trees to be able to provide callers with relevant information and guide them to the department or individual they need to reach if necessary.
  • Personal Extensions: Extensions generally come in the form of a three or four-digit number assigned to either a department or an individual. Having the ability to assign personal extensions is valuable, especially within organizations where both employees and customers might need to reach an individual at any given time. Rather than calling a different 9-digit phone number to reach someone, callers can simply enter the personal extension of that individual or department to reach them easily.
  • Call Forwarding:  For organizations operating remotely or who have employees who need access to communication channels when outside the office, call forwarding is a huge benefit of a VoIP system. Businesses can set up forwarding of main business numbers to ring on a personal cell phone or other devices, as well as the traditional option of forwarding to another desk phone in the office.  
  • Secured Voicemail: With traditional phone systems, voicemails can easily get lost, especially when left on the main business line. Kustura’s VoIP phone systems allow users to set up voicemail forwarding directly to the recipient’s email inbox.

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