Should a Business Invest in Cloud Management Outsourcing?

Many businesses nowadays opt for managing and storing information and communications via a cloud network as opposed to on-site servers. Just because storage occurs in the cloud does not mean that “space” mustn’t be maintained – just like traditional servers. For some businesses, an IT team exists in-house to be able to manage the company-utilized cloud infrastructure effectively. For others, partnering with a local, outsourced IT team makes more sense. Before a business can choose which route works best for them, it’s important to understand the rationale behind opting for a cloud-based approach.


The Benefits of Utilizing Cloud Solutions


Cloud-based networks are becoming more and more popular because they are generally more cost-effective and offer greater accessibility and scalability than traditional network options. Sharing files and information throughout the organization and keeping up with software updates are both much easier accomplishments when utilizing cloud solutions. Also, the growth of the business isn’t inhibited by limitations with traditional servers and an in-house approach. Cloud networks offer much more flexibility when it comes to storage, and many businesses utilize multiple clouds to best manage the various information shared and stored daily. Multiplying storage capacities in an organization using a traditional approach would mean purchasing (and making room for) additional servers.


Cloud Management: In-House or Outsource?


Even the best-configured IT network requires ongoing maintenance and updates, so businesses utilizing cloud solutions need to approach cloud management with careful and proactive planning. What does effective cloud management entail? It’s a multifaceted responsibility that includes the following: 


  • Monitoring the performance of the network, including storage and the various programs/applications utilized throughout.
  • Maintaining compliance with all industry and/or government regulations and working to reduce risks and chances for required audits.
  • Ensuring the safety and security of all information stored or transmitted through the network. 
  • Monitoring and effectively managing costs of maintaining the cloud infrastructure.


Successful cloud management requires IT expertise and the ability to devote time and resources regularly to ensure the cloud network is kept up to date, free from vulnerabilities, and accessible to everyone who needs to utilize it. In cases where that expertise, time, and resources aren’t available in-house, many organizations choose to outsource cloud management to a managed cloud services provider. In addition to keeping a cloud network functioning effectively, choosing to outsource this management is also often the more cost-effective option for businesses without an in-house IT team. It can save thousands of dollars when it comes to maintaining an internal team. Also, because of the high level of IT expertise a managed service provider offers, organizations can often avoid costly mistakes made when unqualified individuals have management over a cloud network. 


Opting for a managed cloud service provider means costs remain predictable and consistent throughout the length of the contract. If disaster strikes, a business doesn’t need to worry or reach out for one-time support from an expensive IT company that knows little to nothing about its cloud network. Managed cloud service providers get to intimately learn and understand that network, and how to protect it, and can much more easily (and quickly) handle any issues that arise over time.


As each business has different needs in this type of service, plans can often be created or adjusted to meet both needs and a business’ budget requirements. If keeping the network up to date and safe and cost-savings are top priorities for an organization, outsourcing cloud network management is the best option.


Managed Cloud Services from Kustura Technologies


At Kustura, we recognize the importance of customizing IT products and services to be able to strategically meet an organization’s needs. That approach extends to our cloud management services. These plans are created for each specific business, based on their needs, existing IT infrastructure, and identified opportunities to streamline operations and effectively maintain a cloud-based environment. Included in all are 24/7 coverage and personal support from our team of IT experts – 365 days a year. No business is left in the dark during after-hours IT emergencies as the Kustura team is always working to keep businesses operating effectively – no matter the time. 


Our cloud services also include off-site backups of files and data, so business owners can remain confident that data is always accessible and secured.

For those looking to transition to a cloud-based approach from a more traditional infrastructure/network, the Kustura team can aid in those efforts as well. We make migrating to the cloud a quick and simple process for organizations, including assistance when it comes to setting up custom cloud-based solutions and virtualizing workstations for each employee.


We want to make IT management easy, affordable, and dependable. Managed cloud services are just one way in which we do so. We’ve been offering a suite of IT products and services to small businesses in the Jacksonville and Gainesville areas since 1999. These include cybersecurity offerings (like email security training for employees), digital marketing solutions, and disaster recovery planning – something that deserves to be on every business owner’s mind in Florida!


To initiate migration to the cloud, better manage your existing cloud infrastructure, or identify other IT solutions that can bring you peace of mind regarding business IT, the team at Kustura is here to help. We strive to streamline operations and bring business owners peace of mind regarding IT so they can focus more energy on achieving their business goals. Contact us today to learn more!

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