Commonly Used Business Software Applications

For most businesses, streamlined communication and information sharing within the organization are absolutely critical for successful operations. Much of the daily communication and information sharing that happens within an organization in 2023 is digital. Each year, technology innovates and improves – giving businesses new options for how they operate. The number of business applications available on the market continues to grow. Not all software applications are created equal. Each offers a unique amount of functionality and the ability to be customized – at a number of different price points. 


Businesses have different needs and therefore require different combinations of applications in order to run effectively. However, there are a few business applications that many U.S. businesses rely on daily and have stood the test of time as their creators continue to innovate and improve the technology to serve businesses better.


Cloud Applications from Oracle

The name Oracle carries a lot of weight within the enterprise software community. The Oracle Cloud is a cloud computing service offered by Oracle Corporation. The company operates data centers across the globe, with servers, storage, and networking capabilities to offer cloud applications on demand to its customers. 


Many of these applications fall within the category of Software as a Service (SaaS) – meaning that the apps are stored in the Oracle Cloud, not within a business customer’s network (and not on individual devices accessing the software).  Applications offered by Oracle provide solutions for businesses across many industries. Their suite of products includes Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions created to help businesses automate and streamline their operational processes. Many organizations rely on this software to manage supply chains and personnel/human capital. Oracle also offers business intelligence applications, including Oracle Analytics Cloud and Oracle BI. These apps help organizations collect, analyze, and report on business data.


Probably the most recognized software from the creator is Oracle Database – a multi-model database management system used to store, organize, and manage data on a large scale. Other popular Oracle applications include:

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software
  • Middleware (products to help integrate applications, data, and systems)
  • Cloud Computing Software
  • Java Software Development Tools


QuickBooks Bookkeeping & Accounting Software Applications

Another big name within the enterprise software landscape is Intuit, the business software company behind the QuickBooks® suite of products (in addition to many other software products and services). The QuickBooks® products are used by millions of businesses worldwide, and they hold the majority of the market share when it comes to small business accounting software.


Why is the software so popular with small (and mid-sized) businesses? It offers organizations a fully functional accounting system in-house that is user-friendly and relatively inexpensive compared to contracting out bookkeeping services. The robust functionality and third-party integrations mean that QuickBooks® products are incredibly comprehensive. Businesses rely on this software to manage and record transactions in a way that is easy to analyze. It records audit trails which help greatly in instances of discrepancies or errors. The software offers a unique “accountant access” option, allowing external business accountants to access data and complete reconciliations and necessary reporting. Nearly all CPAs within the United States are familiar with QuickBooks® and its suite of products. Most are extensively trained and experienced using the applications as well.


Salesforce, Raiser’s Edge, and Other CRM Applications

The Oracle CRM mentioned above is just one of a number of Customer Relationship Management software applications on the market today. Salesforce is likely the most widely recognized name in CRM solutions, with its Customer 360 application making it easy to connect all functions of an organization, including sales & marketing, commerce, service, and IT. The wide range of service levels and pricing options also makes products by Salesforce appealing – especially for small businesses.


When it comes to the non-profit space, Raiser’s Edge has long been a leader in CRM solutions (although Salesforce’s Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is growing in popularity within the landscape. These CRM solutions are specifically tailored for non-profit organizations to help them manage their fundraising efforts effectively. According to Raiser’s Edge creator, Blackbaud, implementation of the CRM helps non-profits increase dollars raised by 44% on average. In addition to boosting incoming funds, Raiser’s Edge streamlines many of the processes carried out within nonprofits, including tools to help with event planning, donor outreach, and even performance management among team members.


Effectively Managing Third-Party Applications

Most businesses utilize a number of software applications daily, and many require those applications to speak to each other in terms of sharing information and automating processes. The good news is that a lot of the business software on the market comes with integration capabilities – either within the application itself, an API, or third-party integration software. However – applications, integration channels, and the devices utilizing software must all be properly maintained in order for that communication between them to remain effective.


At Kustura Technologies, we offer networking solutions for small and mid-sized businesses looking for peace of mind when it comes to business IT. Whether a business network is on-site or cloud-based, we remove the uncertainty around network strength and continuity. With that, our team also offers business application support, including regular maintenance like software upgrades and ad hoc software issue resolution. Maintaining the IT network, the devices within it, and the software running on those devices is absolutely essential for sustainable operations. To discuss how the Kustura Technologies team can support those effects at your organization, we encourage you to reach out today!

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